Julio Lagos, LCSW Supervisor




For adults, Mr. Julio Lagos offers a flexible relationship-based talk therapy approach infused with Rational-Emotive Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Narrative Therapy to decrease anxiety, depressive related stress, and worries. As a team, you will identify ways in which to develop a mindset and perspective favorable toward making positive healthy change.

Young Children

For young children, up to 12-years old, Mr. Julio Lagos offers a relationship-based Play Therapy approach infused with Narrative Therapy to enhance and maximize emotional, behavioral, and social health. Parent participation is strongly encouraged. Interactive parent-child therapy sessions are available, and we encourage you to explore this further during your initial consult.

Teens & Adolescents

For adolescents, Mr. Julio Lagos offers a mix of talk-therapy, and art/traditional game-based therapy infused with Narrative Therapy to help adolescents find their voice, develop a clear vision for their goals, and dissolve ongoing worries and stress to promote health and wellbeing. Parent and Family participation is not mandatory, but strongly encouraged.

Areas of Focus